Image courtesy of the Western Mining & Railroad Museum

Our Mission

The mission of The Helper Project is simple: To foster revitalization and preservation, encourage economic development, and promote cultural connections for the city and citizens of historic Helper, Utah.

See the impact our generous donors have made on the Helper community.

Helper, Utah was once a thriving coal mining community filled with 157 shops, restaurants, and bars owned by one of 16 nationalities represented in the town. It was named for the “helper” engines that made it possible for the train to climb the steep grade through Price Canyon to Soldier Summit. However, with the downturn in coal production, poverty and its accompanying problems creeped into Helper and Carbon County.

In recent years, Helper has evolved into a flourishing art and recreational community. Those moving to the town have ensured the history of the town is preserved – it’s evident when you walk down Main Street. The Helper Project has worked to support the citizens both economically and culturally with project and program funding.

Please watch this short video to learn more about Helper and the efforts of many to revitalize Helper! If you are interested in being a part of our efforts, donate today.

Video by West Coast Show Support Media

The Recorder Project

Last year, The Helper Project, with funding from the Beverly Taylor Sorensen Foundation, purchased recorders for every student at Sally Mauro Elementary School in Helper. Working with local music teachers, we created both online and in-person lessons, and after just a few lessons these student’s were already performing songs!

In 2022, with input from the music teachers, The Helper Project is purchasing recorders for 5th and 6th grade students.

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