Marilou Kundmueller

Artist Statement

As a fine artist, I explore textiles and hardware as both decorative and utilitarian make for logical, accidental, and aesthetic juxtapositions of tools and linens… utensils and towels, hardware and rags, paints and paper towels, everyone and their laundry.

The pattern and random flow of fabric contrasts with hardness of tools.  It is about the putting the timeless beauty of the well used or skillfully used object on stage. The fabric, posed like models or serendipitously observed and painted with both airiness and solidity, creates endless opportunities to play with color.  I use composition and light to make them take on a personality of their own.

My images are personal and with sentiment , but I subdue the sentiment by emphasizing formal aspects if painting such as shape color edge, and composition.  My goal as a painter is to have each painting be momentum for the next as a continuum for growth, to continue a growth of vocabulary with paint.

I have lived in Helper since 1994 where I can focus on painting and walking the dogs in a rural landscape. I work primarily with oil on canvas and monotype.