Hadley Rampton

Artist Statement

I’m drawn to pattern and form in the landscape. I love the juxtaposition of bold highlights and shadows versus the subtleties brought on by atmosphere and gentle undulations of light.  In the landscape that cradles Helper, UT, it is the cliffs and rock formations and all the dramas and delicacies within that spark my desire to paint.

I prefer to work onsite where I not only see the scene before which I stand but feel its light, weather and mood. Those feelings inform the energy by which I lay down each stroke.  I paint with a palette knife in bold strokes, happy to break my subject matter down into simplified form composed of value and color. This is a two dimensional surface upon which I work and I don’t want to hide that. I want my process and the abstract nature of the accumulation of paint strokes to be evident, but when one stands back, for a three dimensional, Renaissance form and space to emerge. This is what excites me.

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