Anne Kaferle

Artist Statement

I was born in Connecticut, and received a BA from Colby College (Art major, Geology minor) in 2003, followed by a graduate degree in Scientific Illustration from UC Santa Cruz in 2005. My most formative experiences as an artist have come from time spent in wilderness, particularly hiking, rock climbing (which brought me to Utah), and then boating on the rivers of the Colorado Plateau. I came to Helper to attend a Doug Braithwaite plein air workshop in 2012 and never left, staying on as an intern with Dave Dornan at his Studio Group building. My partner, Charles Callis, and I met in Helper. We are raising our daughter here and are currently renovating a Main Street property into a studio space and gallery.

On her work for Nest: Women Artists of Helper: “These paintings were created in orbit around my new baby daughter. In plein air painting sessions and my daily hikes with her, I realize that I now view the landscape that inspires me as a sort of nest: a place that, with its beauty, wildness, and vast openness, will help form the foundation of my child’s own sense of self.”

On her work for Helper and the Landscape: “My desert home offers daily reminders of the power of water and deep geologic time. The aftermath of a flash flood reveals a beautiful reordering of sediments according to size along its path. Surrounding cliffs display the history of a periodically advancing and receding interior seaway over the course of millions of years. In my work, paint echoes geologic processes… deposition and erosion. Gravity plays as much a role as direct mark-making. I hope to find an aesthetic balance reflective of the continual, harmonious rearrangement of our environment.”

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