Phyllis Anne Lasché

Artist Statement

The nest from which my passion for visual expression was born was an early childhood traumatic near-death experience, a point where my short life seemed complete – free from past, present, or future – in a sort of direct ego-less knowing.  As if in another dimension of time and space, everything was wordlessly but deeply experienced at once: joy and fear, aloneness and connectedness, mystery and wisdom.

I attempt to convey this experience in my paintings.  I use oil pigment and beeswax, building layers slowly over time, each layer referencing some aspect of the experience: dark or light, transparent or opaque, sharply etched or veiled, but consistently referencing the colors and textures of wounding and healing.

As an intensive care nurse for many years, I was directly involved with others’ wounding and healing, both physical and psychic.  It was a privilege to be able to offer help and comfort in moments of crisis.  When I retired, my family and I settled onto a ranch in the high hills of Northern California.  From my window on the hill, the cycles of life and death I witness in the flora and fauna offer a vague but persistent recognition of another dimension of space and time.