Lisa Chamberlain

Artist Statement

Sculpting is my process of healing. My art is in seeing what to build and re-build, making safe a refuge for my voice.

Lisa Chamberlain grew up creating. She was given freedom to make a mess and took full advantage of that. As a child she carved soap or sculpted with anything she could get her hands on, including white “store bought” bread. She would often be humming and thinking up some fanciful tale of frogs or lizards while she sculpted. Now she is nearly sixty and not much has changed. You can still see the love of animals and great imagination in her sculptures though she switched many years ago to using oil based clay and prefers finishing them in bronze. She claims the feel of the clay is healing to her soul and finds joy in the bronzing process itself as well. Lisa describes most of her work as “serious whimsy” and is quick to point out that nearly all her pieces are about the journey of being human though she often uses the shapes of other creatures to talk about that.