Kate Kilpatrick-Miller

Artist Statement

Storytelling is an integral part of the artist’s journey.  Each painting is an event, something the individual viewer can interpret and complete.  My focus is communicating the start of a story, whatever it may be, and having the viewer approach, absorb and engage the piece.  I use various artifacts viewers can relate to and personalize based on their life experiences, which makes the connection between canvas and people.  Common themes appear in my art – all relating to the human condition from unique perspectives.  Loss, time spent, joy, memories are part of that human experience.  I approach each canvas as an expression of those experiences.  My technique varies depending on subject matter – sometimes it is loose splashing paint across the piece or it can be tight when constructing a moment in time. Both techniques derive their content from a deep psychological perspective and my objective is for each piece to resonant with the viewer as it does with me.

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