Janelle James

Artist Statement

Trees are a powerful species with a network of roots below the earth that reach out to all trees providing nutrients, aide, and protection, even if they are of different species. Trees provide community not only for each other but, for all living things. They are our shelter, our shade, our perch, our swing, providing our food, our oxygen. Trees know what they are meant to be from seedling. Without hesitation trees grow upward offering all of themselves fully toward
the sun and necessary sustenance to all around them. This is why I paint trees, because trees are unhindered in their creative spirit. Trees know only the present and in this very moment trees give all they have to life.

Through this work you can see each layer, a complicated puzzle revealed from back to front as if you were looking through the glass of an antique kaleidoscope. Each layer a painting in itself yet, not complete without the others. Metaphorically these multi-layered paintings represent the many layers within community, the ways we all come together for the benefit of the greater good, providing a means for success and the ability to thrive. A supportive ‘nest’ for growth, rooted in the wonder of the creative spirit.

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