Frank Ray Huff, Jr.

Artist Statement

Art to me is so much more than decoration, a lot of art these days is centered around a certain look or style that happens to be popular, and changes as styles, and colors or looks go in, and out of style. Art to me is personal, what do you like, how do you see the world around you, what do you find interesting.  If you paint what you love, you become a teacher, you can change the way someone looks at their world, good or bad.  That is what makes art important, letting others see something they would not have seen other wise. Finding something wonderful in something ordinary.  Decorative art pleases people in the short term then gets boring, and out of style, good art never goes out of style because the artist has a purpose somehow trapped inside the artwork and stays there long after the artist is gone.  The best artists are always present in their work, and that is what makes there painting so valuable.

There are many different kinds of art in this world, and so much to enjoy, art is hard to understand, but worth the effort to gain insight into its mysteries.

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