Doug Braithwaite

Artist Statement

Doug has been painting since he was old enough to hold a paintbrush.  He pursued his love and talent of art and graduated from the University of Utah in 1991 where he studied with Dave Dornan, Paul Davis, Tony Smith, Doug Snow and Ed Maryon.  He frequently participates in plein air painting competitions throughout the country and has taught workshops for the past 25 years, many of those years in Helper.  Doug’s bold brushstrokes are easily recognized by admirers and collectors.  His work was once well described in Southwest Art Magazine as “where realism meets abstraction,” almost like two paintings in one.  From far away, it is almost photographic.  As you move closer, however, you see much less detail and the bold brush strokes merely interpret what your eyes are seeing.

Doug enjoys being outdoors, golfing, gardening, and over the past few years, has taken up the art of cooking.  He and his wife, Jeanette, have been married for 31 years and reside in Sunset, Utah in the home where he grew up and where they raised their three children.

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