Janell James

Janell James
Whispers of an Old West
18” x 18”
Acrylic on Multi-Panel Acrylic Glass
(top sheet, TruVue Museum Quality Acrylic Glass)
Janell James
Wild Flowers – Kathryn Woodman Leighton
17” x 17”,  Acrylic on Multi-Panel Acrylic Glass
(Top Sheet, TruVue Museum Quality Acrylic Glass)

Whispers of an Old West is a painting of an amazing tree in Torrey, UT where redrock and Navajo sandstone meet. It is a place full of small town charm, wide open spaces, where adventure can meet you around any corner, if you choose. The colors are vivid, the sky is big and the landscape wild. Still, a reminder of more rugged days softened by a few modern comforts.

Wild Flowers – Homage to Kathryn Woodman Leighton, is a painting inspired by Kathryn and the shared joy we take in painting wild flowers of the west. Painting wild flowers has often been antithetical to the classical expectations of a more conventional still life flower painting. Equally so, was the idea of a woman being a painter in the 1920’s. The passions, joys and desires of the heart will often take people down unexplored territory, sometimes even forbidden, as we seek to feel more alive and express ourselves fully and truly. This is the first painting of wild flowers that I have painted using a process all my own, painting on the front and back layers of five panes of acrylic glass. The image you see is ten layers deep with acrylic paint.