American Crossroads 2020 Exhibition Catalog

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This exhibition examines the crossroads of the American West landscape – both literally and metaphorically. Among the rapid changes we are experiencing is the complexity of modern technology and the impact on our built communities. Our challenge as artists is to honor ancient cultures, history and the natural world; and to inspire and inform our communities for a thoughtful sustainable future.

Crossroads by Kristen Rogers-Iversen

Kristen Rogers-Iversen

Kristen Rogers-Iversen likes trees of all kinds and spent years learning about junipers in the West, the result of which is Interwoven: Junipers and the Web of Being, published by the University of Utah Press.

Blue Universe by Nancy Takacs

Nancy Takacs

Nancy Takacs’s book The Worrier Poems received the prestigious Juniper Prize for Poetry, published by the University of Massachusetts Press in 2017. It was also awarded the 2018 top prize from the Utah artist magazine 15 Bytes competition for best book of poetry written by a Utahn or with Utah themes. Her work has been described by reviewers as “carefully etched,” “in love with places,” “honest,” “with language that carries us through an intense collage of wilderness, praising its bits and pieces,” and one of the “best-kept secrets in Rocky Mountain literature.” Takacs is also the author of Red Voice; Blue Patina (winner of the 2016 15 Bytes Poetry Book Award); Juniper; Preserves; Pale Blue Wings; and Wild Animals. She has published widely in national journals such as The Harvard Review, American Journal of Poetry, Nimrod, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and The Missouri Review, as well as in anthologies New Poets of the American West, and The Limberlost Review.